Weather Policy

What if it rains? How is a screening cancelled & what happens?

Telethon Community Cinemas is an all-weather outdoor event.  All screenings will proceed in rain, wind, or shine unless weather conditions pose a serious risk to the safety of patrons and crew.  If we cancel a screening all tickets are valid for any other screening (with restrictions) at any venue for any future screening even beyond the current Season.  We do not provide refunds as such.

We will:

  • SMS the mobile number of the person who booked your ticket.
  • Email the person who booked your ticket with instructions on how to transfer your tickets.
  • Post a cancellation notice on our website on that session & on our Facebook page usually by 5:30pm at the latest.

We wait until the latest Bureau of Meteorology forecast that arrives around 4:30pm plus assess the rain radar before making a decision if the situation is unclear.  If, earlier, the rain has settled in the session is likely to be cancelled at that time.

What if the screening goes ahead but I am not comfortable about attending?

Telethon Community Cinemas allows its patrons to transfer their ticketing at any time, for any reason, up to 6pm on the night of the screening to any future screening with similar price points.  Select the header Ticket Information on our website and then from the dropdown menu click on Change My Booking.  Follow the instructions to change your booking.

If you do not change your booking and the screening proceeds the responsibility and decision, not to have been pro-active in changing your booking, is deemed to have been yours.