Saw VI

Release Date:
Thursday, 22 October 2009
Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Shawnee Smith
Directed by
Kevin Greutert
Canada, USA, UK, Australia

The story continues after the events of Saw V, where detective Mark Hoffman (Tobin Bell) walks out of the glass box and leaves no trails leading to him as Agent Strahm's murderer. Forensics have yet to discover Strahm and his missing body when a young teenager is found to be the latest survivor of the Jigsaw games. To Hoffman's surprise, he claims that Jigsaw could not have tested the boy, since he knows he did not test him himself. The survivor, known as Garett, reveals the circumstances of his trap to Hoffman, who interrogates him. At this point, Hoffman is shocked to find Garett was targeted, even though Garett did nothing wrong in his life to make him a candidate for being 'tested'. Fearing that he may make himself too obvious or that Garett could soon discover his secret, Hoffman throws him into a vast game in which hopefully his secret will die with Garett. However, we have yet to realize that Garett's role in the games may have an unexpected turn of events in the Saw franchise...

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